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Aquarium Industries Peppered Catfish 3.5cm
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Product Information

Peppered Catfish 3.5cm Information

Peppered Corydoras have an armoured skin, which is reflected in its name Cory means a kind of fish and Doras means a leathery skin. Unlike some catfish, Peppered Corydoras are active during the day but do prefer a well planted tank with plenty of hiding places. They are one of the most commonly kept catfish species in the world. This species is farmed in huge quantities throughout Asia.

These scaleless fish are mainly bronze with black and grey specks giving them the appearance of being peppered. There is now a long finned variety available.

Max Size: 7 cm


Peppered Corydoras are a bottom dwelling fish species and it will eat most sinking foods. They are omnivorous, and although good scavengers, they should be fed a regular substantial diet. Crumbles and sinking feeds are best and they also readily feed on frozen foods such as Brine Shrimp, Bloodworm and Beefheart.


Peppered Corydoras are a peaceful community fish, and is naturally schooling, both with their own kind and other Corydoras species. These fish are best kept in small schools to help keep the tank bottom clean.

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Ease of Keeping




Required Water Conditions

6.5 - 7.050 - 10022 - 26
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Peppered Catfish 3.5cm

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Peppered Catfish 3.5cm Reviews

Average Customer Rating:
5.0 out 5
5.0 (1)
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“Gentle clean up crew”
5 out 5

Comments: Peppered Corydoras are a must in a community aquarium in my opinion. All my community tanks have a few of these gentle, beautiful fish in them and they do a fabulous job of keeping the substrate clean. They are happiest if kept with other peppered corydoras in a colony, and are wonderful to watch as they do their clean-up job. Give them lots of places to hide - a planted tank with driftwood is perfect. They are such gentle creatures, they are perfect tank-mates for any aquarium fish. PetStock corys have always come home with me in healthy, happy shape. Highly recommend to buy them from there.

Bottom Line: Yes, I'd recommend this product to a friend

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