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Aquarium Industries Assorted Male Guppy - 3.5cm
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Product Information

Assorted Male Guppy - 3.5cm Information

Guppies are probably the most popular livebearer among both aquarium owners and advanced breeders. These fish are generally robust and can tolerate a wide range of aquarium conditions and for this reason they are often recommended for beginners.

Max Size: 4.5 cm


An active fish, guppies use an enormous amount of energy and need to be fed at least 3 times a day, with a variety of foods including dry, fresh, frozen or live foods. Guppies are top feeders and will readily take most prepared foods.


Guppies are suited to a densely planted community tank with other peaceful fish. It is best to choose tank mates with similar water requirements slightly alkaline hard water in their aquarium. Avoid stocking with larger or aggressive species which will nip at them because of their brightly coloured tails. Male guppies may continuously harass female guppies if kept together, a ratio of one male to two females will reduce stress.

View Our Fish Compatibility Guide

Ease of Keeping




Required Water Conditions

7.0 - 7.5250 - 30022 - 26
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Assorted Male Guppy - 3.5cm

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Assorted Male Guppy - 3.5cm Reviews

Average Customer Rating:
2.3 out 5
2.3 (3)
Write a review
5 out 5

Comments: Guppies are crazy busy little fish. They come in so many beautiful colours and are so pretty! If you want a busy little fish that never stops, then these are for you. They love life! They require small frequent feedings as they expend SO much energy. Buy them some driftwood and flowing plants to swim through and they will be happy little pocket rockets! They're very cute! PetStock have so many gorgeous colours to choose from too.

Bottom Line: Yes, I'd recommend this product to a friend

50 of 54 customers found this review helpful Did you find this review helpful? Yes or No

“Good but..”
1 out 5

Comments: These fish are good beginner fish because they are very easy to care for, but they die SUPER easily there for I would NOT get these fish unless you want to keep wasting money on a fish thats just gonna die. Seriously one of mine got white spot, mind you it wasn’t very far ahead there was only a couple on his fins, tried to treat him, found him dead the next day. My longest surviving guppy didn’t even make it to adult hood. And now my local PETstock dosnt even stock them anymore for the same reason.

Bottom Line: No, I wouldn't recommend this product to a friend

7 of 14 customers found this review helpful Did you find this review helpful? Yes or No

“Male and female guppies”
1 out 5

Comments: I bought three guppies and two bristlenoses here 3 days ago one guppy died and one of the other 2 has started to get a continuously growing clear/whitish spot on its tail and back. My water is completely fine and my aquarium is cycled.

Bottom Line: No, I wouldn't recommend this product to a friend

11 of 24 customers found this review helpful Did you find this review helpful? Yes or No